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Force of Habit: Get Well and Stay Well by Clearing Up Your Negative Habits of Mind, Body, and Spirit could not be a timelier book. It is as accessible as it is valuable.

People have never felt more powerless over their mental and physical health than they do right now, and professional help has never been more costly than it is right now. Force of Habit will change all of that. In Force of Habit I explain in plain language how our constant mind/body "dialogue" accounts for why, on both the physical and mental level, we are either healthy or unhealthy. I demonstrate how the key to our health lies within our own mind, and I lead the reader in a step by step process of experiencing freedom from the bad habits of mind that cause mental and physical health issues. Being healthy can be cost-free.

Most of what we do each day is habitual, meaning it is done automatically by our subconscious mind, without conscious effort. Our inevitable experiences of fear-especially early in life-cause the mind to form unhealthy ("bad") habits. The vast majority-if not all-of our acquired mental and physical health issues are caused directly by bad habits of mind. Clearing these habits clears up the health issues at the root, not just the symptoms. Most attempts to change bad habits fail because people try to get rid of them by an effort of the conscious mind. That is one reason why most of the literature on changing such bad habits is inadequate. Force of Habit teaches how to clear these habits by communicating directly and effectively with the subconscious in its own language. The process works consistently and reliably because it is based on solid bioscience and neuroscience and on dependable, simple and universal psychological, energetic and spiritual principles, which I explain. I will include access to an MP3 voice recording of a twenty minute exercise that has been so successful that a number of people attending my speaking engagements have told me they no longer needed to see me because their issue cleared up during the demonstration. A transcript of the exercise is included in the book.

A large and growing body of hypnotherapy, cell biology, epigenetics and neuroscience literature overwhelmingly supports and accounts for the results I describe in Force of Habit.

I break complex ideas and principles down into simple essential ingredients that are understandable and useful to anybody. Up till now, the usefulness of self-help and professional literature on effecting positive change has been severely limited by its inability to bypass the built-in resistance to change that is a key characteristic of the subconscious mind. I have solved that problem. By teaching readers the simple language of the mind I teach them how to communicate effectively with the subconscious and to consistently succeed in erasing bad habits of mind at their source. The cause of the problem, not just the symptom, is resolved. Deleting bad habits of mind creates a healthy mental environment: when bad habits are gone, positive health habits automatically fill the vacuum. That is because the natural state of our being is whole, positive and healthy. Deleted bad habits cannot return. That is because it is impossible to repeat or relive our life. Using these principles we can all create and maintain a healthy mental climate that will result in a natural state of health on all levels, including the spiritual. Results can come very quickly, without having to relive painful memories. Force of Habit is easily understood and applied, and it is the most natural and least expensive way for all of us to get well and stay well.

I have been a professional hypnotherapist for twelve of my thirty years as a psychotherapist. I am always interested in the whole person; my goal has been to discover the simplest principles for guiding the body and mind into its naturally balanced and healthy state. Force of Habit teaches the reader to accomplish exactly that. It reliably delivers the goods in a way that virtually none of the other methods, programs or approaches can, because it is a complete teaching that takes into consideration and utilizes the conditions that actually make it possible for people to change their habits.

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