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I have written a number of articles specifically for the this website. They describe and explain Force of Habit and Tranceformation, and they explain why Tranceformation is effective in clearing up the gamut of issues, problems and conditions from which people suffer. The articles also provide definitions and descriptions of many of the conditions for which people seek psychological treatment and help.


"We may act in ways that mystify even ourselves, ways that are illogical and contrary to our best interests and that we would not choose if we had a choice. Since we don't have a choice these behaviors are habits."
"Most attempts to change habits are unsuccessful."

This article explains the origin of undesirable ("bad") habits and it gives an overview of why they are so resistant to change and what it takes to change them.
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"The subconscious mind much more readily forms habits than it changes them."
"To transform a problem means that the energies that have kept that problem up and running and in place have been freed up. The result is a new, balanced, and healthy homeostasis that is lasting. It is a good habit."
"As a consequence of Tranceformation, your mind loses all interest in the undesirable habit; it has forgotten how to have it."

This article explains how and why Tranceformation Therapy, distilled from decades of research and clinical practice, can accomplish what other approaches to habit change can't.
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"There has never been a universal or authoritative definition or agreement about what hypnosis actually is."
"The value of hypnosis lies in the fact that it can make the deep workings of the mind accessible to influence. These deep workings are the very mechanisms for the formation and evolution of all of our habitual behavior."
"During sleep the conscious will is not engaged; during hypnosis it is."
"No one in a hypnotic trance loses their will, their inherent self-determination, or their freedom of choice."
"Hypnosis makes use of our mind's natural ability to move in and out of various states of awareness, or consciousness, in order to make healing connections."
"Hypnosis is used to enable the mind to make specific shifts in awareness for the purpose of moving the mind's attention from one feeling, experience, or behavior to another one that is more desirable, healthy, balanced, natural, and beneficial."

This article explains what hypnosis is, what it isn't, and what it can accomplish for you. Though there is no universal definition of hypnosis, a century of clinical experience and a growing body of research science agree that accurate and effective use of hypnotic states of consciousness can facilitate dramatic and permanent improvement in your mental and physical health.
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"Once the truth about mind/body health and healing becomes visible we will all be able to use it to get well and stay well. It is free, it is powerfully effective, and we all have it in abundance."
"All acquired health problems are caused by negative habits of mind."

Your body already knows how to heal itself. Medical and biological science has now proven beyond any reasonable doubt that your mind is the gateway that gives your body the signal to be healthy or unhealthy. This article describes how it works.
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"If the relationship lasts more than two years, it means that the relationship dynamics are stable. But that doesn't mean it's healthy."
"In the due course of time, we find that we can't hide out from our own issues in a marriage."
"Marriage and other intimate partnerships have the power to make it obvious what your personal bad habits of mind are, but only you have the power to change them."
"You each play your complementary role in the 'dance of intimacy.'"
"We get married in order to enjoy all the wonderful differences our spouse brings to the table, and then we spend the next ten years trying to change our partner into someone who's exactly like us."
"We get mad at each other for violating a contract we didn't even know existed!"
"To negotiate a healthy adult marital contract, you need to be whole."
"With the right attitude and skills, your relationship will have the positive and realistic orientation and the resiliency to resolve anything that might come up."
"If you have the right tools, resources, and attitude to keep up with the inevitable work that's involved, the rewards are incalculable."

This article discusses both the challenges and rewards of long term marital relationships, in a frank and practical way. It explains why change is so hard and it outlines the attitudes, skills, and tools that are required to make it all work in the long haul. There is no mystery to having the powerful and fulfilling relationship you always dreamed of. You have to know what to pay attention to and what to ignore, and you need to know what your job is and how to do it.
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"Anything at all can become an object of fear to the human mind."
"Anxiety appears to be about two things, but it really is only about one. "
"Anxiety can be a very debilitating problem. After all, there are an unlimited number of bad things that have not happened but that could happen."
"If people got anxious on purpose they could simply turn it off when it became annoying and tiring-which would happen very quickly."
"When you are anxious your mind is telling your body that your world is threatening, dangerous and stressful, and your body is responding accordingly."
"In many important ways our mind and brain can't tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined."
"Stress can actually cause the medical and health conditions that we fear."

This article defines and describes anxiety and it discusses the emotional, behavioral and health habits caused by anxiety. It explains how Tranceformation addresses and resolves anxiety.
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"Stress and anxiety have become synonymous."
"Most of us are immersed in environments that are relentlessly stressful to us."
"An immense amount of our energy is siphoned off into coping with stress, to the neglect of the vitally important work of strengthening our bodies and building up our immunity and our health."
"Stress takes a tremendous toll on our peace of mind and our health."
"Anxiety about what isn't happening prevents us from being ready and fit to deal adequately with what is happening."

This article discusses what stress means and it explains both the purpose and the biochemistry of the stress response. It describes the numerous negative effects that chronic stress has on our mental and physical health, and it describes the connection between stress and depression.
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"Grief actually stems from a change in our relationship with our self."
"Grief and loss are what each individual person thinks and believes they are."
"If grieving is unlimited, unhealthy, and unmeaningful, it can become a serious problem and an impediment to the normal conduct, flow and progress of life. "

This article defines and discusses grief and grieving as a very subjective and personal experience that has different meaning for everyone. It shows that there is a strong, positive and healthy relationship one can have with the experience of loss and separation.
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"There is a rapidly growing body of research evidence suggesting that everything that is taking place in our physical health is the direct result of what is going on in our mind."
"All illness, disease and disorder run counter to our natural condition of health and wellness."
"No doctor, therapist, friend, or mother can make up for a lack of self-concern and good self-care on your part."

This article explains the relationship between physical health and mental health and it shows how your whole being is constantly moving in the direction of health and wellness. Then it discusses the concept and value of self-responsibility as it affects your health
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"At this point in human history perhaps everyone is affected by trauma to one degree or another."
"The subconscious mind can perpetuate, amplify, and recycle trauma indefinitely."
"Regardless of how inaccurate, unhelpful and even unhealthy they may be, our beliefs and expectations about trauma can have a profound impact on our actual experience of trauma."
"Many people believe and expect that the effects of trauma can never be completely eradicated."

This article defines and explains what Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is and it describes the many ways that PTSD affects people. It describes how Tranceformation resolves trauma by clearing up its effects and establishing a reality based here-and-now orientation.
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"The only way to know the spiritual is to experience it."
"For many people religion and 'spiritual life' is not the same thing."
"We all seek connection with the same spiritual source."
"The desire for spiritual connection and fulfillment is a universal human motivation and it is our deepest human need."
"We are each on a unique spiritual path or journey that is guided by the wisdom of divine nature."
"At each moment in time we are in exactly the optimal position to learn each of our spiritual lessons. It is a true gift when our focused consciousness is in tune with this cosmic reality."

This article discusses our universal need to explore and come to terms with our spiritual nature. It defines the main concepts and wrestles with the Big Questions. It explores the characteristics of our spiritual nature and explains how Tranceformation assists people in establishing their optimal sense of spiritual connection.
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"Deep undercurrents of thought and belief may be holding you back and severely limiting your life's possibilities on the individual, spiritual, couple, family, group, business, or organizational level."

This article gives a detailed definition of coaching and it explains the benefits and advantages of coaching. It explains the value of transformational coaching and delineates the differences between coaching and therapy.
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