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Tranceformation And Coaching

"Deep undercurrents of thought and belief may be holding you back and severely limiting your life's possibilities on the individual, spiritual, couple, family, group, business, or organizational level."

Professional Coaching Services Provided By The Institute:

  • Life, Personal, Career, Transition, and Transformational
  • Family, Marital and Parenting
  • Health and Wellness
  • Business and Management
  • Organizational and Group


Psychology Background

David Kohlhagen's background in Psychology and Psychotherapy has given him the ideal foundation for providing effective, efficient, accurate, insightful coaching assistance to you, your family, your group, and your business. He combines a seasoned, experienced, and highly educated understanding of how the human mind works with a deep appreciation of how coaching can benefit you the most. He helps you to thoroughly and carefully assess your situation, coaxing into awareness the most comprehensive and personally relevant understanding from the universe of your possibilities. Then he partners with you to identify the solutions that will achieve your deepest and most important and valuable goals in life. You become the expert on your personal and business life. You become the expert on you.

Coaching Develops Your Indentified Goals

Even though coaching is considered to be a relatively new approach to helping individuals, families, groups, and businesses identify and achieve their goals, I have successfully coached individuals, families and businesses for over thirty years.

The coach uses what you or your group "brings to the table." He does not provide outside information, materials, goals, answers, solutions, or agendas of any kind. He first supports and stimulates your thinking to help you accurately pinpoint and articulate your goals and issues in life and work. Then he helps you to recognize and develop your own assets and resources, apply them to your identified goals, and evaluate the results so that you can continue to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your planning and implementation.

Transformational Coaching Works Directly with Your Thinking and Beliefs

In coaching I often work with you transformationally. This means that I help you to become aware of your underlying beliefs and patterns of thinking. Why is this important? Researchers and professionals in the social sciences and mental health fields have concluded that your patterns of thought and belief directly and indirectly cause the results-or consequences-as well as many of the circumstances in your life. Some believe that everything that happens to you was attracted to you by the nature of your thoughts.

This means that your underlying mental patterns are the most powerful forces in your life. Deep undercurrents of thought and belief may be holding you back and severely limiting your life's possibilities on the individual, spiritual, couple, family, group, business, or organizational level. Your thoughts and beliefs cause you to squander an enormous amount of mental and emotional energy in dealing with yourself, your relationships and your work. By working directly with your thinking and beliefs, we free up virtually limitless energy that you can use in pursuing your goals and dreams and for achieving satisfaction, enjoyment, and productivity in life.

Most of our thoughts and, to an even greater extent, our beliefs, are hidden below the level of ordinary awareness. They are couched in terms and in forms that are not easily recognized. They can seem mysterious. Our thoughts and beliefs are very powerful, and yet they are often unclear, confused and muddled. As long as these powerful inner forces remain hidden and unrecognized it will be impossible for you to change them for the better and, what's worse, their power and potential will continue to be misdirected. Your possibilities could remain severely limited for a lifetime.

We are all constantly evolving forward in life, growing and developing on every level. This is natural and necessary. When we are stuck, frustrated, and unable to move forward we experience pain, discomfort, and distress. These are all signals that something is out of balance, but frequently we don't have the perspective, insight, or tools to identify the trouble and to get ourselves unstuck. People feel trapped in mental and behavioral habits, unable to pull out of their ruts and move forward toward the life they visualize and desire. Working with me transformationally will help you to clarify your beliefs and thought patterns, lighten your load, and reduce the friction and drag in your life. I can help you get out of your ruts and onto the fast track toward your greatest and highest goals.

Therapist and Coach

The role of the therapist is different from the role of the coach, and the goals and methodology of therapy are different from those in coaching.

The therapist uses his training and expertise to provide guidance, insight and, most importantly, to cause a resolution, or positive change or shift away from problematic, distressing, or troublesome psychological and emotional experiences. The therapist brings his own knowledge, training, and tools to bear on your situation. He provides a focusing and directing influence. He helps you to make sense of what has been troubling you. The coach helps you to assess yourself and your own goals, using only what you "bring to the table." He adds no influence, information, or school of thought from his own training. A therapist may be "directive." Directive means that he takes charge of the agenda and direction in his relationship with you, to the point of giving you specific instructions. The coach is "non-directive," meaning that he participates in the relationship by asking open-ended questions about what has been "put on the table" by you, while you take the lead in structuring the situation. He is a catalyst rather than the active ingredient. He works with your beliefs, your goals, and your agenda to help you reach a more comprehensive, empowering and effective understanding of yourself and your goals in life and business. You become the expert on you.

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