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MIND is our point of awareness, consciousness and focus. MIND is how we direct-and how we misdirect-all the energies of life. MIND is how we know whether we are healthy, in balance and okay or troubled, distressed, disturbed, and unhealthy, out of balance and suffering from negative mental, physical and spiritual habits. MIND is, in fact, the way that we become either healthy or unhealthy. MIND is how we know everything and it is how we accomplish everything. The journey to health and wholeness begins with the MIND.

When we are distressed, unwell and unhappy it is because of the enduring effects in our MIND of the events in our personal life history, with all their meanings, confusions, distortions, misunderstandings and limiting beliefs. These effects include doubt and insecurity, anxiety, anger, loss or absence of self-worth, and any number of health problems.

Our mind often confuses the moment by moment events of our daily life with memories of past experiences and with our old mental habits. Though most people don't realize it, in a very real way we are often confused as to WHERE and WHEN we really are and even WHO and WHAT we are. Even if you feel pretty sure about these things the truth might still surprise you. For one thing, many people who have been traumatized are convinced that they can "relive" the memories and events of the trauma. But that is impossible; it is not the truth. Belief in "reliving" trauma is based on confusion in the mind about WHERE and WHEN we are; it is a "bad habit" on the part of the subconscious mind.

Another source of confusion is that the mind-and our culture-has inadvertently taught us to identify with our habits, our memories, and our personal history. We have come to think that these things are who and what we are. Even if the world thinks these things are our identity, they are not who we are. We are not our habits, our memories or our personal life history, any more than we are our Social Security number. We are something much more than that: the truth about what you are is far more positive and much less limited than that.

When trapped and confused by the heavy baggage of mental, emotional and physical habits, people often feel hopelessly stuck in old ruts of feeling, thinking, acting and reacting that are painful, frustrating and unproductive. Deep habits run in deep ruts.

When the mind is filled with confusion, anxiety and pain, our pathway is obscured, our windshield is covered with mud, and our radar is jammed: we cannot see the road; we are flying blind. And things are not getting better by themselves.

We have lost our way.

Inside there is still a sense, like a distant signal, that we know who we really are, but we don't have words for it, our GPS isn't working and we're disconnected. Somehow we know that there is a trail that is our own personal way, but we can't see it, we can't connect with it and we can't get on track. No one seems to understand you and no one seems to have the answer.

In such a condition we can't achieve satisfaction in life; we can't find our peace and happiness. The road is all uphill and getting steeper-and we have to wonder: is this the right way?

Fortunately and conveniently, the simple truth is that the journey to freedom, healing and wholeness begins right where you are-and you are here. You are closer than you know, and peace and happiness are much closer than you realize.

The time is always now.

The date is always today.

You are always at the beginning of your journey; you are always at the head of the trail.

You have everything you need; you are whole and complete.

This is good news. It's even better news when you are ready to receive it. It means that, regardless of how things look, you are always on your path. You can't be anywhere else. You are exactly where you are supposed to be: you are in the most beneficial place possible. Even when you were unaware of it your GPS was still working perfectly: many things are happening that we do not usually notice.

When your mind is cleared of obstacles and cleared of the negative effects of your life history and of negative, distorted and limiting beliefs, you will be able to bring your awareness to this one point, right here and right now; you will know that you are whole and well and free, and you will feel with conviction that you are on your path. You will know what you know with complete authority. Then you will have great power, joy, peace and stewardship in every aspect of your life and existence.

In TRANCEFORMATION processes you will CLEAR YOUR MIND of negative habits of thinking and behaving. With clarity and peace you will be free to effortlessly be what you always were, before you acquired negative habits of mind; you will feel whole, you will be well and you will feel connected with your path and with your purpose in life.

Then you will know who you are, where you are, and where you are going. You will not need anyone to tell you. You will have clarity. You will know what you know, and you will know what to do next.

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