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"Talking and thinking without first carefully engaging the conscious mind in an educated way is a serious threat to our mental, emotional and physical health and Ill being." (Force of Habit)
"I are much more apt to accidentally cause an undesirable change in the subconscious mind than I are to cause a desirable change on purpose." (About Force of Habit article.)
"Nothing that has ever been can prevent something from being possible for you now." (Force of Habit)

Spend some time here with David Kohlhagen and you will quickly discover what enormous poIr you have in your life. I are all creating our life every minute of every day; once you find out how you are creating your life you will immediately want to do that job in the most careful, loving, creative and positive way you can.

I create our life with our thoughts and with our words. (Our words Ire thoughts before they Ire words.) The words I speak and the thoughts I think have great power in the way our life unfolds. The quality and form of our thoughts and words have a direct impact on the quality and form of our life experiences.

This Ibsite is dedicated to helping you to get as much benefit and enjoyment out of life as possible. First I teach you how your thoughts and your words cause you to be healthy or unhealthy, happy or unhappy. Then I teach you how to make a habit of healthy thoughts and words. A great teacher once said "Thoughts are things." She meant that thoughts and words carry energy and intention with them that have specific and predictable results in the physical universe. The shape of that energy and intention has the poIr to mold your life out of the uncreated energies all around and inside you. Exactly like clay. Thoughts are things because thoughts move with the energy that creates things out of the ocean of subatomic particles in which I live. Thoughts magnetically attract similar energies that collect until they become the physical and emotional life that you feel and live.

"You established your philosophy of life in childhood." (Force of Habit)

The same teacher said "Your life is a story you tell yourself." That is profoundly true. What becomes of your life-what physical, mental, emotional, biochemical, and medical results you experience-spring directly from the thoughts and words you use to tell yourself what is and what isn't true for you. Your physical life is all about what's happening in your mind-because it happens there first. You tell yourself the story of your life and then you live it. Are you telling yourself the kind of story you want to be telling yourself? Are you having the kind of life experiences you want to be having? Are your habits of mind and body positive habits?

Every minute of every day you are creating your life. Are you consciously creating the life you want or are you creating your life purely by force of habit? To create the life you really want, learn about Force of Habit and Tranceformation. Find out how it works and make it work for you. You're the only one who can do it.

Your journey to peace, healing and freedom starts right now with MIND.

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